Visible Change in Ardrishaig in 2017


Quick win projects

There have been previous exercises in Ardrishaig to create a development and action plan for the community.  These range from the Roger Tym report produced in 2008, to the most recent Crinan Canal Corridor Charrette in April 2016.  Anyone having visited Ardrishaig in 2008 and returning today would see little or no improvement to the appearance and facilities in the village.  Indeed they would have been struck by the gradual deterioration through lack of investment and a growing feeling of ‘why bother’.

So why should 2017 be any different?

Following on from last year’s charrette, Argyll & Bute Council has set aside three million pounds for the ‘Tarbert and Lochgilphead Regeneration Fund’.  This is targeted at a fairly small number of larger projects rather than a lot of small projects.  Of the projects identified and that have passed initial approval stages within the Council there are three that are specifically within Ardrishaig, plus another that would extend from Ardrishaig through Lochgilphead as well.  More information on these will be added under the heading ‘Regeneration Fund Projects’.  Given the nature of these projects, and the likely timescales to allow them to be fully defined and have funding approved, they won’t deliver any benefit in Ardrishaig until at least 2018 and possibly longer.

Our aim is, therefore, to target a range of smaller projects during the remainder of 2017.  These will need to be do-able, fundable, and deliver something that will improve the village for the Ardrishaig community and visitors.  Hence ‘Visible Change in Ardrishaig in 2017’.

The projects being taken forward at present are:

  1. Clean & paint under the 'Arches' and fix the lighting
  2. Paint & repair the railings in front of the North Car Park
  3. Improve North Car Park access by removing hedges
  4. Replace picnic table and bench at North Car Park
  5. Install signs to the John Smith cairn and Crinan Canal
  6. Slabs between car park and North Hall
  7. Improve external appearance of the Public Hall
  8. Screen off rubbish bins at South Car Park
  9. More barrels and planters with flowers
  10. Campervan servicepoint
  11. Local directory of services & firms
  12. Facility for young people (Gleaner Office)
  13. External painting of Scottish Canals workshop
  14. Remove hedge between North Hall and car park
  15. Information board about John Smith
  16. Re-hang existing street banners
  17. Adult gym equipment in Bayview Park